Why do you choose ScrapLabs ?
The curriculum is built and developed with providing relevant and practical education as the central thought. Our programmes have been tested with 30+ schools and 4000+ students.
Students make machines themselves without the use of any pre-fabricated or plug and play components. Everything is started from level zero and root-level basics.
A Combination of Learning by Doing and Trial and Error methodology provides a comprehensive integrated learning environment. This environment is further nurtured by the guidance of able mentors.
Real and Relevant hands-on experience. Understand how things work, replicate them and even try to create new things.
Customized ScrapLabs Kits are provided to every student. These Kits are prepared and packed with top quality tools and components. Besides that our students also get an access to our Learning Resources and events.
Our Mentors are best trained in the country and experienced professionals who have experience in the field of Engineering.
Via competitive events and exhibitions, ScrapLabs students from different schools interact with each other and shelter a commutative sense of sharing ideas and visions.

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